Strategic Analysis & Planning

In today's competitive market landscape, small and medium businesses need a strategic plan just as much as large companies. With a plan for the future, companies can implement marketing strategies, evaluate their performance, and make adjustments to maximize their efficiency. Strategic planning is essential for accomplishing long-term objectives and achieving new levels of performance. It serves as a game plan and when it is correctly executed it inspires and informs management, while mobilizing employees.

With our industry experience, we help clients develop effective strategic plans that are well suited to the companies' individual needs. By strengthening core competencies and finding new and novel synergies, we help clients remain competitive in the coming years. Our proven success at managing turnarounds, identifying new markets, and increasing revenue demonstrates our ability to provide effective strategies.

An outline of a typical GC3 strategic consulting project

Assessment of current business

- Key employee interviews, organizational capabilities assessment, products/service assessment

Assessment of external market

- Industry analysis, competitive landscape, analysis of client perspectives

Exploration of growth opportunities

- Risk and reward analysis based on management team objectives, current capabilities, market viability

Strategic options analysis and planning

- Strategic and operational plan development based on viable options, milestone identification

Financial planning and deal structuring

- Prospectus development, valuation projections, and negotiations

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